The Smart Way to Buy Hair Extensions

Let’s face it! Installing your hair extensions can get pretty expensive. With a sew-in weave, you usually wear it every day until 1) you get tired of the length/style OR 2) the quality of the hair is so poor, that you’re left with no choice but to rid of the mess it has become. It's understandable that many women compromise on quality in favor of price. You’ll see plenty of online retailers selling “2 Bundles for $99” or “18” Hair for $49.00.” These promotions normally come without guarantees of the quality of hair or the source of the hair. The price may be low, but so will the quality. Read on for real calculations and why it is actually more cost-effective to opt-in for better quality hair when purchasing hair extensions. Tip #1 – HAIR ORIGINS When searching online, you’ll find many different types of hair: Indian, Cambodian, Malaysian, Brazilian, etc. You’ll read comparisons of their texture, shine, thickness, bounce, and body, but no one compares the origin of the hair. As a consumer, you would think that the origin of the hair is explicitly stated by the name of the hair type, but this is the biggest misconception in the hair industry. There are really only two sources of weave and hair extensions: India and China.

Hair Type Origin
Indian Hair India
Cambodian Hair China
Brazilian Hair China
Malaysian Hair China

Back when Indian hair became very popular, China began to fall short of hair extension sales. So, Chinese hair companies created marketing campaigns to compete with Indian hair. They started naming their hair extensions by countries that had natural desirable hair textures and looks. It was deceptive and now many consumers don't realize their hair is actually from China. We are here to break down this myth! Chinese hair is a combination of second-grade virgin hair and synthetic hair, hence the low price. So Malaysian Hair, Cambodian Hair, Brazilian Hair = cheap, real hair + synthetic hair. Tip #2 – GUARANTEES If you want quality hair extensions, find a company that gives you a 100% guarantee. At a glance, you will not know the difference between quality and cheap hair bundles. Initially, Chinese hair looks quite similar to Indian hair. But, you’ll be able to tell after only 2 months into wearing the hair, when you are left with no choice but to replace it because of the poor quality. Quality Virgin Indian Hair on the other hand, can last upwards of a year when properly maintained.  SILK Indian Hair guarantees that all of our bundles are 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair and you will definitely be able to tell a difference. Tip #3 – CALCULATE YOUR COSTS When it comes to buying hair extension bundles, there is a simple calculation that will help you understand that quality is most important.

  Low-Cost Hair Silk Indian Hair
Cost of 3 Bundles ~$150 ~$477
Cost of Install ~$200 ~$200
Total Costs ~$350 ~$677
Average Duration 60 days ~365+ days
Cost Per Day $5.82 per day $1.85 per day
Yearly Cost $2127 $677

You can save up to $1450 or more per year by purchasing Silk Indian Hair! There is a smarter way to buy a great looking weave without breaking the bank! At Silk Indian Hair, all of our hair is 100% natural, uncolored, untreated, unprocessed, free of chemicals, and odors. Our hair is not steamed treated or pressed, so you can wash the hair and let it dry naturally to allow it to return to its original texture. It is extremely durable and will last you many months of wear, as long as you clean and maintain it properly. At Silk Indian Hair, we are the leaders of the online retail of Quality Virgin Indian Hair Weaves and we stand by our guarantees.

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