About Us

We don’t want anything less than the best for YOU, our customers. 

Indian Remy hair is vastly superior to everything else on the market. We at Silk Indian Hair are so confident in this that we offer 100% Indian Virgin Remy hair exclusively.

Silk Indian Hair relies on seasoned hair experts, stylists and years of research and development to bring you the best extensions the world has to offer.

Mo Pandoria

Founder and CEO, Mo Pandoria, cultivated strong roots within the beauty industry and has a passion for healthy, luscious locks.

Mo’s passion for hair comes from his culture. It’s no surprise that in Indian culture, hair is taken care of at a very young age. At six months old and no hair yet, Mo and his wife have already started caring for their son’s future head of locks.

"That’s just what we do in Indian culture, our hair plays a big role, and so we start to care for it from an early age."

Mo came to find the importance hair also played to Americans but noticed a major disparity in the quality of hair extensions provided to consumers. Upon learning this, Mo’s mission has been to provide a product that you will not only be happy about, but feel confident wearing. To us at SILK Indian Hair, it’s not just providing the best quality product, it’s about helping boost self-esteem and allowing you to look and feel your absolute best, so you can be your best self.