Why People Love Indian Hair & You Will Too!

Some women were born lucky in the hair department. For those of use who weren't fortunate enough to be born with the hair we desire, weaves and extensions are style-saviors. If you're searching for the perfect hair extensions, you may be wondering: Why do people love Indian hair? What qualities keep people so loyal to it? How does it stand out from other hair? The hair market is flooded with so many different types of hair extensions that it can be hard to decide which you should purchase. Obviously, you want hair that will look and feel good, that is healthy and durable, and that you can style. If this is the case for you, like many others, Indian hair is just what you're looking for! It's thick and lustrous making it more durable and flexible compared to other hair. Better yet, its dark color and thick texture works perfectly for hair weaving applications. You can style the hair however you'd like, and it always retains its natural beauty and longevity. Multi-ethnic studies show that Indian hair is superior to other hair. A team led by Yashwanth Kamath, who headed the Textile Research Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, compared Asian, Caucasian, and Indian hair samples based on these characteristics: tensile strength, thickness, shine, and smoothness. The results for The World’s Best Hair study were conclusive: Indian hair is number one. It ranks highest in terms of health, and it consistently beat the other hair samples in all four categories. Indian hair has denser cuticles, which helps it maintain optimal health. Because Indian hair is also very available on the market, the growing popularity of hair extensions has greatly increased the demand for Indian hair. Virgin Indian hair comes in its most natural form and is unprocessed, with all the cuticles intact, making it a fantastic choice if you want quality hair and an authentic look. Virgin hair is free from chemical treatment, dying, perming, coloring, or bleaching. This ensures that you will have an excellent product of Indian hair. Virgin Indian hair is generally thick and comes in straight, wavy, and curly styles. If you want shiny, full hair, choose Indian hair. It is very simple to straighten and curl Indian hair, even if you purchased the hair in a curly, wavy, or straight style that no longer suits your look. Virgin Indian hair generally comes in dark colors and long lengths. Another fantastic trait of this hair is that if you take care of it, it can last a long time: up to a year!

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